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Food Products Labeling

The business that provides food products to the consumers should also provide the information regarding its products. The businessmen are informed on the mandatory information that they have to provide, how they have to provide them and which are the boundary for the advertising.

Which Information’s are required?

The legislator has established different contents and communication form based on the sale methods (for example the use of labels, price card with information etc.) Thanks to Food Label Check it is possible to calculate the required information starting from the claims up to the Allergen. The information obtained with this application can be used in all the sales channels.

Which is the legal name of food products?

The legal name must be identified trough the Legislation considering: the raw materials, the ingredients, the transformation process and the product characteristic (for example the quantity of Sugar or the alcohol level).

Which information’s can be used in the advertising?

 Regarding the advertising information is really important the perception of the consumers. It is necessary to avoid the providing of misleading information that can mislead the consumer with a negative conditioning on its purchase choice. In the fields of Food products the advertising is submit to legislation especially regarding the misleading advertising.


The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano makes available to the businessmen and food business operators a qualified staff that supplies the following services:

  • Thanks to which it is possible to create quickly bilingual labeling draft for countless Recipes.
  • individual meeting thanks to which it is possible to clarify the mandatory information for each specific food label and the indication that are permitted in the advertising.

All the information, especially the translations, are lacking of accuracy and entirety guaranty.

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