Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano

Competences and duties

Unitary representation of the economy

The Chamber of commerce is a partner of South-Tyrolean economy. Thanks to its informative activity, the Chamber contributes to the strengthening of society´s positive attitude towards the economy. Through systematic economic research and a constant update of crucial structural and economic data, the Chamber of commerce lays the basis for an objective discussion about economic policy and for the connected decision-making process.

The Chamber of commerce is a public-law body. Its activity is fundamentally subject to laws. Every firm –with a few exceptions– must register in the Firms Register. The Chamber of commerce benefits from a large administrative autonomy. It is subject to the supervision of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Bozen.


Representation of the economy

  • Unitary representation of the economy
  • Economic research, studies, reports, opinions
  • Promotion of a positive image of the economy
  • Collaboration School-Market

Institutional tasks

  • Register of companies
  • Professional roles
  • Environmental protection
  • Agriculture
  • Documents for foreign trade
  • Protests
  • Legal metrology
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Competitions with prize
  • Labeling and product safety
  • Customs and habits
  • CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

Economic promotion

  • Economic information
  • Internationalization
  • Sales promotion
  • Training and consulting
  • Firm development
  • Firm creation
  • Firm cooperation
  • Firm succession
  • Innovation service

Alternative tools for conflicts solution

  • Arbitration chamber
  • Mediation
  • ADR-Consumer
  • Over-Indebtedness Service
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General Secretariat

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